Transcript of Hélène Knoerr’s recording

Professor Hélène Knoerr

[00:00-00:31] I recently did a research on the professors at the University of Ottawa who teach in their second language. As you know, the University of Ottawa is a bilingual University and some professors are hired on condition that they should be able to teach in their second language, that's part of their contract. So, I contacted professors who had used the services offered at the University for professors who want to improve their second language skills.

[00:32-00:58] And I asked if they would agree to tell me about their experience and how it has, if it has influenced who they are in terms of a person, in terms of a professor, in terms of a researcher, and I interviewed them, and, basically, I just told them, tell me about your experience. How did it feel, what were the challenges? What were the great moments? What were the not so great moments? Just tell me about your experience.

[00:59-01:36] All of them said that overall, it had been extremely rewarding. It was a very enriching experience. And they also realized that the literature is totally different. Like you don't have the same references, you don't cite the same experts. The concepts are sometimes different. The schools of thoughts are sometimes different. So, they realized that they needed to get resources to help them with that, you know, to have them be able to be competent, articulate speakers, when they wanted to talk about their field, and their research, and their publications, and their teaching.

[01:37-01:59] And the other thing was, publishing. Of course, these days you publish in English, but sometimes you also want or need to publish in French. So courses like the ones that are offered at the University of Ottawa to support professors teaching in their second language would be a very valuable tool to address those needs.

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