Nutrition Program – Admission Language Assessment

The courses for the Baccalauréat spécialisé en sciences de la nutrition are taught in French; however, some of the course material may be in English and the work placements require advanced proficiency in French and English.  Therefore, applicants to this program are required to demonstrate their level of proficiency in both languages.

Language Assessed and Exemptions

Most applicants are only required to demonstrate proficiency in their second official language.  International applicants or applicants who did not complete their secondary studies in Canada may be asked to complete the test in both languages.

Students who have completed Grade 12 English 4U (or equivalent) are exempt from the English language test. Students who have completed Grade 12 Français 4U (or equivalent) are exempt from the French language test.  These exemptions are granted by the Admissions Office following submission of applications.  

Description of the Test

The test is composed of three sections:

  1. Listening and Reading Comprehension which includes:
    • Two listening passages which consist of a recorded conversation or lecture and multiple-choice questions related to the recording. You will hear the recording twice.
    • Two reading passages which consist of a text which you must read and multiple-choice questions related to the text.
    • One fill-in the-blank activity which consists of a passage in which words have been deleted. You must choose, from the multiple-choice options, the words that best fit the blanks.
  2. Written Expression: you will type a written response to a topic.
  3. Spoken Expression: you will respond to written and/or spoken prompts.

Test-takers must allow two hours to write the test, but may finish more quickly.

Registration Procedures and Test Dates

Applicants may register for one of the available test sessions in Ottawa.  Applicants who live more than 400 km from Ottawa may request a distance administration of the test. 

Test Fees

The cost for this test is $100.

Cancellation Policy

Candidates who cancel before the registration deadline (five business days before the test) will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. The remainder of the test fees will be refunded.


Registration confirmations will be sent via e-mail within three business days of receiving the payment.

Detailed confirmations including the location of the test are sent the Monday preceding the test.

Ottawa Test Dates

August 10, 2019

Applicants may register for a test session online (credit card payments are required). 

All registrations must be received five business days prior to the test session.

Online Registration

Online registration involves two steps:

  1. Completing an online form
  2. Completing the payment on the University of Ottawa’s General Store website

If you are using your credit card to pay for another person’s test, please type the test candidate’s name in the Details Section of the payment screen.

Complete the online form.

Distance Administrations

Applicants who live at least 400 km from Ottawa may request a distance administration of the test.  Distance administrations are scheduled individually with the applicant and must be scheduled during office hours (Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm).  Distance administrations of the test require that the applicant have access to a computer with a web camera.

To request a distance administration of the test, applicants must complete the request form.

Test Results

Within ten business days of the test, results are sent to the Admissions Office and by email to the applicant.  There are three possible results:

-          Pass – the applicant has met the language requirements of the program.  Their application is now completed and will be evaluated by the Admissions Office.

-          Conditional pass – the applicant’s language proficiency is slightly below the requirement.  They may be admitted to the program but must complete one or two additional language courses in their first year of study. Their application is now complete and will be evaluated by the Admissions Office.

-          Fail – the applicant has not met the language requirements and may not be admitted to the program.

Re-test Policy

Applicants must wait three months before they may register for another test session. 

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