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In need of assistance with your English academic writing skills?

Here are a number of options for services, courses and resources at the University of Ottawa.

Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute

English Language Credit Courses

Students who wish to improve and expand their skills in English while studying are encouraged to enroll in a credit course designed for language learners. These courses may count as electives in one’s program of study. For information about how to register and which course to select, please contact Laura Ambrosio (

For the Faculty of Arts, ESL course catalogue: 

For an overview of ESL courses:

Private Tutors

A list of private tutors who have experience specifically in the area of teaching English language skills to non-native speakers can be obtained by contacting Laura Ambrosio ( Fees for tutoring will vary and are decided upon by the student and tutor.


Julien Couture Resource Centre

The Julien Couture Resource Centre (JCRC) is a centre housed within the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI). When the campus becomes accessible again, students can visit the centre and find second language learning resources, ESL- course-specific materials and a relaxing study atmosphere, including computer workstations.

Online resources 

On the JCRC website, students will find a curated list of online resources for a range of skills and skill levels. This list is evolving and so it is a good page to bookmark for frequent referencing. (

Virtual Conversation Workshops

These workshops are available for students to improve their spoken English. Groups of 5 students work with a language assistant and can potentially spend a few hours per week to discuss various topics.  Students are required to register for sessions according to the posted schedule. ( - bottom of page)


The Academic Writing Help Centre (AWHC)

The Academic Writing Help Centre offers one-on-one online tutoring sessions to help students develop strategies and writing skills. The AWHC offers assistance to all students needing help in English including students for whom English is not their first language.

The AWHC also has resources online. These are handouts intended to help all students with their writing skills, including grammar and sentence structure. (


Peer Help Center


The Peer Help Centre offers tutor referrals for specific uOttawa courses. It is up to the tutor and student to organize their meetings and agree on the tutoring fees (i.e., undergraduate students cannot charge more than 20$ per hour and graduate students cannot charge more than 30$ per hour). Tutors and students are encouraged to use online platforms, such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts.

A tutoring website be will launched in June where tutors and students can make an account and connect. This will allow students to reach out to tutors to see their availability, prices and bio. Until the time of the launch of this website, for any tutoring request, students will be sent a tutor list for specific uOttawa courses.

Email to find a tutor -  

The Bilingualism Centre


The Bilingualism Centre is operated by the student union and provide numerous services regarding bilingualism at the University of Ottawa. It also offers tutoring services for students in both official languages. 

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