In this section, you will find a selection of speeches and messages from the Director of the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute. Read about OLBI’s progress in its key areas of specialization, innovative partnerships and linguistic-related issues relevant to our community and the broader public.

2018-11-01: 50th Anniversary of OLBI

Note: speeches appear in the language in which they are delivered.

Indeed, it is useful to remember that from its very beginning in 1848, the founder of the College Bytown, Bishop Guigues dreamed “to bring together Anglophones and Francophones by requiring them not only to live together during their studies, but also to work together in the same classroom, in both English and French” (Prévost, 2008, p. 13). Understanding the power of language education and bilingualism is thus an integral part of our DNA at the University of Ottawa, and from its very beginnings has been a key component of its identity as a bilingual institution dedicated to seeking out innovation and excellence in the field of language education.


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