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Julien Couture Resource Centre (JCRC)

The Julien Couture Resource Centre has a vast collection of documents for self-directed learning of French and English, along with modern technological equipment. The following resources are available:

  • Field-related journals;
  • Theoretical volumes;
  • Course textbooks;
  • Reference materials, dictionaries, etc.;
  • Audio-visual aids.

This Section is a lending library. Individuals who have borrowing privileges are:

  • Graduate and undergraduate students in the Department of Linguistics and the Faculty of Education's second language teaching section;
  • OLBI professors and teachers.



The consultants' role includes interacting with students (i.e. welcoming students, orienting them and assisting them in locating materials appropriate to their level of ability). Consultants also provide individual attention to students, when time permits.


Second Language Monitors

Conversation Workshops

The OLBI Mentoring Centre offers conversation workshops in English and French. These workshops are taking place at Hamelin Hall, within the Julien Couture Resource Centre (FSL) and on the 1st floor (ESL).

The Second Language Monitors in charge of these workshops are responsible for organizing and leading the conversation groups offered at three different levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).

NB. The students taking  part in the beginner-level conversation workshops in French are expected to have their language skills equivalent to the entry level required for enrolment in FLS 1513 (or CEFR’s A2 level).

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