Universities Language Training Project (ULTP)

Welcome to our page dedicated to our partnership with the School of Public Service.

Over 30% of graduates from the University of Ottawa are hired each year within the Public Service of Canada. Many of them have all the required language skills in both official languages of Canada to be employed in the government and embark on a good career path, thanks to OLBI and its courses in FSL and ESL, the French Immersion Studies, the RAAFI, the Special Programs and their cultural activities, not to mention all the other opportunities on campus.

Following the same guidelines, OLBI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the School of Public Service in order to enable a number of students from the University of Ottawa to have access to the official languages learning tools that are available online on the School’s website.

Public Service Commission - Second Language Evaluation
This site provides information about processes related to the measure and evaluation of competencies.

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat - Qualification Standards in Relation to Official Languages (for employees)

Brief Overview

OLBI has began a partnership with the School of Public Service of Canada to give students the chance to reach, during their university studies, the level of language proficiency required for employment in the government, by giving them access to some of the School’s language training products and to resource persons.


This pilot project, which is overseen by the Canadian government, emerged in the context of the Roadmap for Linguistic Duality 2008-2013: Acting for the future. It aims to

  • Establish a pool of new graduates who meet the language requirements of the federal government and are contemplating a career in the federal public service;
  • Provide university students with access to the same award-winning language learning tools that are available to federal employees;
  • Enable participants to gain an understanding of the importance and challenges of linguistic duality within the federal government;
  • Provide a linguistic profile valid for five years from the Public Service Commission. Holding a valid linguistic profile will accelerate the hiring process if students decide to join the public service.
On Campus

The ULTP includes 24 students from the University of Ottawa:

  • 20 participants learning French or English as a Second Language;
  • 4 members of the control group.

More than ten percent of all project participants across Canada belong to our University.

The project was initiated in January 2010 with a battery of placement tests and diagnosis, then participants began a series of weekly assignments related to government culture. It will end in March 2012.

In addition to automated tools, participants have access to a resource person to guide, motivate and provide them with the administrative or pedagogical support they need. The coordinator at OLBI is the point of contact between the participants and the School.

You can reach 613-562-5800 ext. 8963 or send a message at: pflu-ultp@uOttawa.ca


The link below will provide you with answers to all your questions about the Universities Language Training Project.

This information package has been prepared by the School of Public Service of Canada.

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