OLBI at the World Congress for Modern Languages (WCML) in Niagara Falls


Last March, OLBI went to Niagara Falls in order to participate at the World Congress for Modern Languages. We took the occasion to promote our program of Summer University for FLS/FSL teachers which will be on July 6 to 17 and our Master of Arts in Bilingualism Studies.

Moreover, on Saturday March 28 were the following CCERBAL Symposium sessions:

Please note that the summaries are kept in the presentation’s original language.

Workshop 1: Clés technologiques de la réussite en immersion

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Workshop 2: Grammaire, technologie et écriture : A ‘Synced’ Approach  

Workshop 3: Working together to understand each other: la culture des autres, grâce aux autres

Workshop 4: Measuring what counts? Classroom implications for assessment of interactional competence and for self-assessment

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