OLBI Showcase 2015-2016

The OLBI Showcase is always an appreciated period of the year when the administrative and teaching staff is highlighting their amazing work and will share their appreciation.

This year, Richard Clément, Director of OLBI, was in charge of the hopeful opening speech. Then Laura Ambrosio, replacing Sheila Scott talk to us about the key moments of the year for the Teaching Department. Lise Bazinet, Assistant Director of the Development Office and Promotion presented a brief summary of the year for her department. Beverly Baker, Director of the Language Assessment department address this year’s outstanding accomplishments especially related to the new online testing. Jérémie Séror, replacing Marie-Josée Hamel was in charge of sharing with us the completion of the research centre. 

In total, there were more than 75 guests. It was a fun to share a good meal between colleagues.

We also took the opportunity to celebrate employees’ anniversary at OLBI, here’s the list:

Celebrating their 10 years anniversary this year we have: Catherine Buchanan, Marie-Claude Dansereau, Mary Ruth Endicott and Marlene Toews-Janzen.

Celebrating their 15 years anniversary this year we have: Lise Bazinet, Sylvie Bhookun and Naima Messadh-Imgaline.

We also have Chantal Forget who’s celebrating her 25th anniversary this year and Diane Daoust, who’s celebrating her 35th anniversary at the University of Ottawa, counting mostly many years with us.

We have the chance to work with colleagues who love their job and who are greatly appreciated.

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