To University of Ottawa academic staff: this winter, why not polish up your language skills in English or French

Posted on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

polish up your language skills in English or French

OLBI hosts free, online language courses that are tailored to the needs of APUO or APTPUO members. Make 2021 the year you improve your French or English language skills!

Classes in French (FLS 4012) or English (ESL 4012) only take one hour a week. Once participants have completed at least 80% of the program, they can sign up for an additional, complimentary one-hour class of personalized language instruction. Listen to the audio recording below by Associate Professor Hélène Knoerr as she discusses the advantages of taking such classes in light of her research on the impact of teaching at university in a second language (in English only). Professor Knoerr explains how this type of training helps those who teach or publish in their second language.

Transcript of Hélène Knoerr’s recording

Classes begin in late January. You have until Friday, January 22 to register, so why not fill out the online form today. Learn more about language courses for academic staff members.

About our language support services for professors

This program helps academic staff members significantly improve their second-language skills and reach their desired level of bilingualism, in addition to increasing the number and quality of courses offered in French at the University of Ottawa. Not only does this give participants a better chance of obtaining tenure, but also, and especially, it enriches and varies their interactions with the student population. Hence, these second-language skills play a major role in advancing the University’s teaching and training mission and help weave the unique bilingual fabric of our campus.

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