Promoting the Irish Language in Ottawa

Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

One of our professors, Sheila Scott, was recently interviewed for an article in the Fulcrum, which featured her hard work and innovative academic approaches to teaching the Irish language and culture. Opening up about her own history and passion for Irish culture, Ms. Scott shares what attracted her to study the subject, and eventually do her PhD in Irish syntax and morphology.

Ms. Scott’s innovative approach to education has attracted a diverse crowd to her classes and events for a variety of different reasons. Hosting Irish teaching sessions, organizing monthly ceilis (traditional Irish dance parties), and founding the only Gaeltacht in North America are all ways in which Sheila is pioneering this new wave of Irish cultural education abroad.

After many years of repression under English rule, the Irish language is now making a comeback: “The culture is so rich, and even if you didn’t speak the language you were always proud of your Irish culture, and I think there’s an awareness now of how endangered the language is. And so, people who are celebrating their Irish culture are saying, well maybe my next step should be contributing towards keeping the language going.”

Congratulation, Sheila, on all your hard work! We look forward to seeing where else your academic endeavours will bring you in the future.

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