Exceptional Academic Measures

Posted on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Message from the President – March 23, 2020

“In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Ottawa’s Senate approved an emergency motion for exceptional academic measures during times of crisis. The motion includes evaluation methods and changes in grading and allows faculties to give a “satisfactory” or “non satisfactory” mark to students.

Because each faculty is unique and offers a diversity of programs, the Senate decided to give individual professors and faculties the latitude to implement the most relevant measures for their programs, while maintaining academic standards and integrity, respect for learning objectives and ensuring an approach that is flexible and fair to students. As such, each student should receive information specific to each course from their professor.

Please contact your professors directly or the Office of Undergraduate Studies in your faculty for further information. Graduate students may contact the Graduate Studies office. Please check the contact list for each faculty.”

Students in the Faculty of Arts

All students enrolled in courses offered by the Faculty of Arts have received an e-mail detailing the exceptional academic measures that have been approved. Professors are responsible for communicating the specific details that apply to their respective courses to all students enrolled in these courses.  For any questions related to the practical application of the measures outlined in the e-mail, students are invited to contact their professors directly.

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