University of Niigata Prefecture Intensive English Program

The University of Niigata Prefecture Intensive English Program at the University of Ottawa provides undergraduate students from the University of Niigata Prefecture in Japan with opportunities to enhance their English-language skills in an engaging theme-based integrated skills program that places an emphasis on speaking, listening, and vocabulary development.

Through 21 hours of intensive instruction, weekly socio-cultural outings, weekly conversation classes, and weekly meetings with conversation partners from the University of Ottawa, participants will not only receive accelerated language training but will also increase their multicultural awareness and appreciation.


The aim of the 21 hours of classroom instruction is to build upon the knowledge about English that students bring into the classroom so that students can use English for effective communication. A range of student-centred teaching techniques are used, from short explanations and demonstrations by the teachers to pair work, group work, online activities, role-plays and presentations.

Courses are delivered in our multimedia classrooms, with 4.5 hours per week in a language laboratory. Participants are given a variety of tests, quizzes and assignments to assess their progress.

To provide students with extra practice using English, for the duration of the program participants also attend weekly conversation classes and meet with conversation partners twice per week for mutually beneficial language or cultural exchange. These classes and meetings are hosted by current University of Ottawa students enrolled in the Second Language Teaching Program.


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