Intercultural Student English Experience Course (I-SEEC)

Intercultural Student English Experience Course (I-SEEC)
Is this course for me?

Are you looking to improve your English skills? Do you want to spend the summer meeting new friends from around the world? Do you want to live in Canada`s capital city? The I-SEEC program at the University of Ottawa is for you! 

Why Ottawa?

Ottawa has been described as one of the safest and most beautiful capital cities in the world. As a major centre for the visual and performing arts, Ottawa offers a wide variety of urban attractions, yet the city still maintains the atmosphere and charm of a smaller centre, with easy access to spectacular parks and wilderness. Visitors can enjoy many of Canada’s best museums, theatres, and music festivals, or bike along the many trails and pathways in the city.

Parliament buildings

Parliament Buildings


Rideau Canal

Rideau Canal


By-Ward Market

By Ward Market



2017 is Canada's 150th birthday year, and there are lots of celebrations and exciting events planned, especially this summer in Ottawa! You will be in the heart of the action.

Being close to Montréal and Toronto, Ottawa is easily accessible by air, train, or bus and is the perfect place to experience Canada's diverse cultures. One of Ottawa’s major advantages is that the downtown core is very compact and many attractions are accessible on foot. From the University of Ottawa campus, it takes only a few minutes to walk to the Parliament Buildings and lot of restaurants and shopping. For more information, visit

Why University of Ottawa?

Located downtown, the University of Ottawa is a vibrant centre of learning, with a total population—including students, teachers, and support staff—of 45,000. With more than 300 undergraduate programs and 180 graduate programs, the university attracts students from across Canada and from more than 100 countries around the world. The University of Ottawa is one of the top 10 research institutions in Canada.

Many activities and resources are available on campus:

  • Over 175 student clubs and groups
  • State-of-the-art language laboratories and multimedia classrooms
  • Large fitness and gym facilities
  • Regularly scheduled concerts, plays, festivals, and films
  • Extensive library system

For more information, visit

Tabaret Hall

Tabaret Hall


Why should I choose this program?

This program's location and highly-qualified instructors will help you improve your English language skills in the best possible environment.

Our goal is to help you: 

  • Communicate effectively with both native and non-native English speakers;
  • Notice and appreciate similarities and differences between cultures;
  • Learn with classmates from around the world;
  • Enjoy life in Canada.


A. Course Content

With a focus on communicative speaking and writing, I-SEEC will help you:

  • Express your ideas and discuss your experiences;
  • Complete tasks connected to your everyday life in the community;
  • Discuss reading passages, lectures, videos, and news stories;
  • Learn to use vocabulary and grammar to communicate clearly;
  • Understand areas for improving your pronunciation, tone, and fluency;
  • Learn strategies for effectively managing conversations;
  • Develop an understanding of the cultural aspects of English, especially Canadian English;
  • Learn how to study English for continued progress after the course.
B. Schedule

The schedule for this program is the perfect balance of class work to improve language skills, outings to experience life in the community, and free time to enjoy the campus and the city.  Each week includes 21 hours of classroom instruction (*note stat holiday) and 2-3 hours of sociocultural activities.

The classroom schedule has the following courses:

  1. Integrated Listening and Speaking (9 hours per week): This course will help you improve your listening and speaking skills.  You will have opportunities to understand and discuss lectures, conversations, and news stories.  You will learn communication strategies for everyday conversations. You will also spend time on pronunciation practice, vocabulary development, and language learning strategies. 
  2. Communicative Writing (6 hours per week):The aim of this course is to help you develop a love for writing in English.  Writing about yourself, your experiences, and your interests, you will learn to effectively structure and express your ideas.  You will work closely with your classmates to brainstorm ideas and exchange feedback. You will also spend time learning grammar and language learning strategies.
  3. Language Enrichment (6 hours per week): Having opportunities to practice and master the language and skills learned in this program is important.  Closely integrated with the morning classes in the program, this course allows you to take your learning to the next level by reinforcing the objectives covered in the morning.  Time will also be devoted to language learning outside the classroom. 








Integrated Listening and Speaking

Communicative Writing

Integrated Listening and Speaking

Communicative Writing

Integrated Listening and Speaking












Socio-cultural Outings



Conversation Club


Conversation Club


C. Course Placement

To make sure that classes are suited for your abilities, there are four levels in the I-SEEC program:

  • I-SEEC100: Beginner
  • I-SEEC200: Low Intermediate
  • I-SEEC300: High Intermediate
  • I-SEEC400: Advanced

You will take a placement test at the beginning of the term to determine which level is best for you.

D. Socio-Cultural Activities

Language practice does not only happen in the classroom! An important and fun part of our program is the activities that you will do outside of class. The University of Ottawa campus is perfectly situated for a summer full of fun. Exciting cultural, outdoor, and social activities are right on our doorstep!

Some activities planned for the summer 2017 program include:

  • Hiking in Gatineau Park
  • White water rafting on the Ottawa River
  • sports day in Strathcona Park
  • beach party on Petrie Island
  • and many more!
Where can I live while I study in this program?

We are here to help you find the best place to live while you are studying with us. If you are looking the convenience of living on campus, the benefits of living with a homestay family, or the independence of living in the city, we can help you. Let us know!



When is this program offered? How much does it cost?

Program Dates

July 31 to August 25 2017





Health Insurance****


*Tuition fee includes course tuition, course materials, socio-cultural outings, and conversation club.  Airport pick-up and send off can be arranged with groups of 10 or more at a separate cost. 

**Fee is subject to change without notice. A non-refundable deposit of $325 is required in order to receive a letter of admission for visa purposes and to take the program online placement test.

***Check-in date is July 29, 2017.  Check-out date is August 26, 2017.  Residence fee is subject to change without notice. 

****The insurance covers the dates of July 28 to August 28 2017. Health insurance is mandatory for all international students enrolled in this program. Student with their own insurance must provide proof to the office of Second Language Intensive Programs in order to be exempted from the health insurance fee.


We are excited to meet you, and welcome you to the Summer 2017 I-SEEC Program!

Payment Options

To pay for tuition, students can use the following:
a. Certified cheque or money order: Students can bring certified cheques or money orders to the Office of Second Language Intensive Programs. Or they can mail them to the following address:
Room 101 70 Laurier Avenue East
Ottawa Ontario

b. Online by credit card follow this link to use this payment option.

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