Enrollment in a Second Language Course (ESL and FLS)

Courses in English as a Second Language (ESL) and French as a Second Language (FLS, Français langue seconde) are meant to help you improve your language skills. The courses are offered from a beginner level to an advanced level.

Some of our FLS and ESL courses are offered in the blended format. To learn what blended courses are all about and how they can help you in your studies, check out our Blended Language Courses web page.

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  1. Complete the online Placement Test.
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1. Identify the course or courses (step 4) you are eligible to register for, based on your test result. This information was included on the test results page.

2. Registration

a) Undergraduate and Graduate Students

To register, log into uoAcces (formerly uoZone). In the Key applications on the right-hand side, click on Enrol. You will be redirected to uoCampus, the University’s new registration tool. To view this step-by-step tutorial explaining how to enrol in a class using your Student Center, click  here.
For graduate students, make sure you have the approval of your program or thesis director.

*For any questions regarding uoCampus, contact the Student Brigade at uoBrigade@uOttawa.ca or at 613-562-5800 x. 7352.

b) Special Students (Not Admitted in a Program)
Bring a printed copy of your results letter to InfoService (75 Laurier Ave East) to register for the appropriate course.

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The registration system, uoCampus, will not allow you to register online.

  1. Contact your Faculty to register in the course.


2. Visit OLBI at the Hamelin (old Arts) building, room 130 to register in person.

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Course descriptions:
New Credit Courses Offered:
  • ESL2100: Effective Language Learning
  • ESL3331: Listening with a Purpose: Advanced Listening Skills for Second Language Learners
  • ESL3351: Oral Expression for Academic and Professional Contexts
  • ESL4100: Capstone Seminar
  • ESL4351: Community-Based Language Learning
  • FLS2500 : Apprendre à apprendre
  • FLS2791 : De la salle de classe à la communauté : apprentissage du FLS par le bénévolat
  • FLS3791 : Technologies, internet et médias sociaux en FLS
  • FLS4500 : Séminaire de fin de parcours
  • FLS4776 : Le français langue seconde et le monde du travail
  • FLS4791 : Interagir en FLS avec le monde qui nous entoure : actualité, loisirs et culture
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To view the schedule for an ESL or FLS course visit the University’s timetable page.

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