E-newsletter August 2018

E-newsletter august 2018


August 2018

2018 uOttawa Welcome Day

On September 4, we will be welcoming students back to school and helping newly registered students get acquainted with campus and their program of study. Come by and visit us at the Julien Couture Resource Centre. We will present our newly offered courses for the Fall 2018 semester and showing off our new promotional items. We hope to see you there!

Our Intensive Programs this summer

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The end of the season approaches, and with it, the end of our summer 2018 Second Language Intensive Programs.  Over the past few weeks, we had the pleasure of hosting 211 participants across all our different intensive programs. These courses help prepare many of our students for their program of study here at the University of Ottawa.

During their stay, the students took part in a wide range of socio-cultural activities, to complement second language courses. An archery workshop, a visit to Leamy Lake, an excursion to Omega Park, and many more events were enjoyed by these international students, allowing them to discover our beautiful National Capital region.

We would like to thank all those who participated, as well as the administrative team and the professors for their dedication to the programs.

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Research Survey on Professional Development

An international research group (TPLANG21) of the AILA (International Association of Applied Linguistics) Research Network is gathering data for its study in the field of Professional Development.

We encourage our readers to take part in the survey by clicking on the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZT872XW.

OLBI Credit Courses: In Class and Blended

Are you interested in registering for English or French as a Second Language classes? No need to search any further; here are some of the courses we offer for the Fall semester:

FLS 4774 - Le français d’ici

Improve your understanding of the main dialects of spoken language in French Canada through the study of written and audio documents.


FLS 4775 - Dimensions et compétences culturelles en FLS. Bilingue et francophile pour la vie

Study the contributions of cultural understanding to second language communication through documents from various sources. Comparative study of Francophone and Anglophone reactions to similar situations; identification of cultural components that explain these reactions and their applications.


ESL 3373 - Building Your Word Bank: Vocabulary Enrichment in Context

Systematic expansion of general and academic vocabulary through contextualized thematic practice and analysis of word formation rules, word origins, parts of speech, and lexical grouping. Development of vocabulary through lexical inferencing, learning synonyms and antonyms, paraphrasing, thematic presentations, and appropriate use of vocabulary in oral and written language in formal and informal contexts.


But that’s not all – OLBI also offers a wide range of FLS courses in a hybrid format. Are you interested in learning in class and online in a blended learning modality? Here are some of the courses we offer:

FLS 2512 - Hybrid

FLS 2521 - Hybrid

FLS 2522 - Hybrid

FLS  4774 - Hybrid

Oral and Written Communication
in French as a Second Language: Intermediate Level II

Lire et écrire en français langue seconde

Écouter et parler en français langue seconde

Le français d'ici

Interested in registering for any of these classes? You have until September 21, 2018 to enrol or change your course selection for the Fall semester. Act fast before spots fill up! You don't have the pre-requisite courses? Please contact OLBI to discuss how to register.

To know more about deadlines for undergraduate students or more information on courses, please consult: https://www.uottawa.ca/important-academic-dates-and-deadlines/.


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