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Description of Teaching Material from the School of Public Service

 Presentation at OLBI on September 1, 2010

Context: The Canada School of Public Service’s Language Training Centre gave an overview of its language training material to OLBI faculty members and teaching staff, during a series of meetings to examine common activities between the two organisations and explore future collaboration.

On September 1, OLBI faculty members were pleased to welcome Nancie Cantin, Academic Director of the Research and Development sector of the Canada School of Public Service’s (CSPC) Language Training Centre, accompanied by her colleague Nicole Bertrand, Academic Advisor. They presented the federal agency’s pedagogical approach for second language training and gave an overview of academic resources that have been developed and are now available on their Campus Direct portal.

Lise Bazinet, OLBI’s Assistant Director for Development and Promotion, gave a welcome address which included an overview of existing links between the two establishments, paying particular attention to the partnership established in September 2009 when the University of Ottawa undertook an active role in the University Language Training Program (ULTP). Ms Bertrand gave a pedagogical demonstration using several academic activities targeted to helping public servants learn French as a second language, then Ms Cantin presented on-line material for learning English as a second language.

The presentation received positive feedback from OLBI faculty and teaching staff, which developed a clearer understanding of common traits and similarities in the approach at both educational establishments. In particular, the online resources of the Canada School of Public Service generated considerable interest, paving the way to other possible avenues of collaboration, including a potential memorandum of understanding leading to future exchanges of experiences and academic know-how.

The activity was organised by Bojan Lalovic, documentalist at OLBI’s Julien Couture Resource Centre. For additional information on the current situation and latest developments of this ongoing project, contact him à ilobcrl2@uOttawa.ca.

Description of the material presented (described in its language):

Product Name and Code

Product Description


Target Language

Une saison au ministère de l’habitation
Code C214

Série de quarante-huit épisodes dans la vie d’une équipe de huit employés dans un ministère fictif. Cette série permet de développer sa compréhension du français parlé entre collègues dans des situations informelles de communication en milieu de travail. Chaque épisode comprend une vidéo d’environ deux minutes et des activités d’exploitation (compréhension, grammaire, vocabulaire, phonétique) pour une durée totale d’environ 30 minutes par épisode.

Levels B and C

French as a Second Language

Grammaire minute
Code C182

Douze capsules grammaticales interactives permettant la révision ou l'acquisition de règles dont l'usage est parfois problématique. Chaque capsule, d’une durée d’environ 15 minutes, contient une brève partie théorique, des exemples, des exercices et un corrigé.

Levels B and C

French as a Second Language

Préparation à l’évaluation du français langue seconde- interaction orale (TCO 3 semaines)
Code C285

Banque d’activités de compréhension, d’expression et d’interaction orale. Ces activités, qui visent la préparation au test d’interaction orale de la fonction publique, sont réparties ainsi : Compréhension : 72 documents audio (36 messages et 36 extraits de conversation), Expression : 18 activités, Interaction : 13 activités.
Banque de questions, de sujets, de situations et de questions pour des rencontres individuelles ou des activités de sous-groupes : 44 questions à développement, 46 situations (jeux de rôle), 25 sujets (débat, opinion, etc.)
Représente environ 112 heures de cours en salle de classe.

Levels B and C

French as a Second Language 
English as a Second Language (Preparation for the Second Language Evaluation –Oral Proficiency)

Programme PFL2 A et B

Ce programme, divisé en 40 modules (ou objectifs de formation), présente des activités d’apprentissage variées, à réaliser individuellement, en sous-groupes ou en groupes. EX : Glisser-déposer, menus déroulants, exercices d’écoute, vidéo, activités de communication, etc. Le programme donne aussi accès à un lexique, un recueil de tableaux, le produit Sons du français et de l’anglais, des conjugueurs, des grammaires et des dictionnaires.

Levels A and B

French as a Second Language

Write this down
Code C157 F / E

This online dictation series is comprised of 10 sentences per dictation with thirty dictations in all pertaining primarily to work-related situations. Certain key grammatical and orthographical explanations are provided as an error analysis reference for the user.

Levels B and C

English or French as a Second Language (Word by Word)

Write right
Code : C164

Online Level C review comprised of 325 sentences for error analysis to practise writing and editing skills. Offered in three tiers, the user can choose to practice for the SLE in a timed-mode 65 items X different 5 simulations (1.5 hrs per simulation) or attempt to do the other (practice) tiers that consist of 13 components (13 X 25 items for a total of 325 items). The practice tier is not timed and it allows the user to identify and correct the errors as well as access grammatical rules that provide explanations of the errors.

Level C

English as a Second Language

Words in play
Code : C174

Words in Play is a set of fun-to-do word puzzles for beginner to advanced learners. The activities review and reinforce vocabulary, spelling and grammar.

Levels A, B and C

English or French as a Second Language (Word Value)

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