Language support services for professors

Language Training Services for Academic Staff

OLBI offers many courses in English and French as a second language, along with a series of services specifically geared to University of Ottawa professors.

FLS training for professors - Spring | Summer 2019

Do you want to improve your French language skills? OLBI has you covered!

Over the course of the Spring-Summer semester of 2019, we will be hosting a course at the joint intermediate/advanced levels. This course will be given three times throughout the summer, from May 14-30 (in DMS 9143), from June 11-27 (in DMS 9143) and from August 13-29 (in DMS 9161). All classes go from 10 a.m. to noon on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Are you interested in registering for this course? Contact for more information.

Changes to language support services for full time professors

Effective May 1, 2019, all faculties will be entitled to the equivalent of 160 hours of language support services for full time professors, APUO members. These services are in addition to the intensive sessions already available through one on one tutoring sessions for tenured track professors, professors who teach in their second language, and professors in administrative positions. 

The following additional training services are offered:

  1. basic learning
  2. advanced learning
  3. preparing for administrative positions
  4. preparing to teach in a second language
  5. pronunciation review
  6. basic grammar review
  7. basic writing  review
  8. advanced writing for publication
  9. reading groups
  10. preparation for conference presentations
  11. discussion groups with peers
  12. cultural activities

These training services can be offered on an individual basis or in a group/course setting when requests bring together more than 6 professors.

Professors must submit their requests for additional services by email to by May 5th, 2019.

In the event that the requests submitted by a faculty are less than the equivalent 160 hours, the remaining hours will be redistributed to other faculties. Should the requests exceed available resources, requests will be presented to the deans of the faculties concerned to decide which requests to prioritize.

All full-time professors are encouraged to take advantage of these services to help them fulfill their academic potential in both French and English and feel empowered and well equipped to teach, communicate and write effectively.

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