Our Mission, our Values

Our Mission

Promote excellence and innovation in the fields of bilingualism and language acquisition. To this end, we endeavour to:

  • Create a dynamic and inspiring learning environment that provides a bridge to professional, academic, cultural, and personal growth;
  • Be a leading national and international hub for Canadian expertise, research, and public policy on bilingualism, social cohesion, and citizenship as they relate to linguistic duality;
  • Act as a catalyst for the development, promotion, and dissemination of innovative language teaching and evaluation methods as well as cutting-edge research.
Our Values

The OLBI community of students, faculty, administrators, and alumni aspires to create an inclusive, collaborative, and supportive environment that fosters our five core values:

  • Excellence in teaching, scholarship, research, and service;
  • Respect for and celebration of linguistic and cultural diversity;
  • Commitment to developing strong partnerships;
  • Passion for lifelong learning, creativity, and innovation;
  • Dedication to the growth and success of every community member.
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