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All of our on-site and telephone services are closed until further notice as part of efforts to reduce the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. You can still communicate with all of our services by email or through the “Ask a question” box. Note that some online resources can be accessed through the KOHA platform.

Serving the University Community

The Julien Couture Resource Centre, with its ”learning” and “teaching” sections, contains an extensive collection of documents for self-learning and teaching English and French as well as modern technological equipment. The Centre is open to all staff and students of the University of Ottawa. Our reception attendants are there to welcome you, guide you, and help you!

Study area
  • Student Lounge, a quiet area where you can study at your own pace
  • Open space with tables and study rooms
  • Specialized journals in the field of language acquisition and bilingualism
  • Theoretical works on methodology in second language teaching and learning
Educational Resources and Entertainment
  • Educational software and relevant audiovisual equipment
  • Reference Texts (encyclopaedias, dictionaries, and various self-directed learning materials)
  • Feature films, novels, short stories, comic books, magazines
  • Teaching manuals and workbooks with their audiovisual supports (DVD, CD)
Second Language Conversation Workshops

These workshops give students the opportunity to interact in their second language (English or French) and to discover certain new aspects of the culture.

Since the number of participants is limited to five per workshop, they must all actively participate in the different oral skills activities that the mentors organize. This stimulating and realistic environment allows students to comfortably practice the concepts they learn in their language courses.

Workshops are given during the fall and winter sessions to students at the advanced, intermediate and beginner level, and last 12 weeks. There are three mentors, including two for FLS and one for ESL.


  • 60-minute conversation workshops;
  • Workshops are limited to five students at a time;
  • Registration: Choose a session and sign up in person at the OLBI Ressources Centre Julien-Couture, 70 Laurier E., room 02 for FLS & room 106 for ESL.

You may register as often as you wish. This service is provided free of charge.

  • ESL: Conversation Workshops in English  (No workshops offered for summer session)
  • FLS: Ateliers de conversation en français  (No workshops offered for summer session)

ESL Workshops Schedule
FLS Workshops Schedule

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