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Julien Couture Resource Centre (JCRC)

The Julien Couture Resource Centre has a vast collection of documents for self-directed learning of French and English, along with modern technological equipment. The following resources are available:

  • Field-related journals;
  • Theoretical volumes;
  • Course textbooks;
  • Reference materials, dictionaries, etc.;
  • Audio-visual aids.

This Section is a lending library. Individuals who have borrowing privileges are:

  • Graduate and undergraduate students in the Department of Linguistics and the Faculty of Education's second language teaching section;
  • OLBI professors and teachers.



The consultants' role includes interacting with students (i.e. welcoming students, orienting them and assisting them in locating materials appropriate to their level of ability). Consultants also provide individual attention to students, when time permits.


Second Language Monitors

Conversation Workshops

The OLBI Mentoring Centre offers conversation workshops in English and French. These workshops are taking place at Hamelin Hall, within the Julien Couture Resource Centre (FSL) and on the 1st floor (ESL).

The Second Language Monitors in charge of these workshops are responsible for organizing and leading the conversation groups offered at three different levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).

NB. The students taking  part in the beginner-level conversation workshops in French are expected to have their language skills equivalent to the entry level required for enrolment in FLS 1513 (or CEFR’s A2 level).

OLBI Mentoring Centre

OLBI’s Mentoring Centre offers Conversation Workshops. The ESL workshops are reserved for Students registered in ESL courses provided by OLBI; the FLS workshops are reserved for students registered in FLS courses or who are part of French Immersion Studies/Extended French Stream.

These workshops give students the opportunity to interact in their second language (English or French) and to discover certain new aspects of the culture.

Since the number of participants is limited to five per workshop, they must all actively participate in the different oral skills activities that the mentors organize. This stimulating and realistic environment allows students to comfortably practice the concepts they learn in their language courses.

Workshops are given during the fall and winter sessions to students at the advanced, intermediate and beginner level, and last 12 weeks. There are three mentors, including two for FLS and one for ESL.


  • 60-minute conversation workshops;
  • Workshops are limited to five students at a time;
  • Registration: Choose a session and sign up in person at the OLBI Ressources Centre Julien-Couture, 70 Laurier E., room 02 for FLS & room 106 for ESL.

You may register as often as you wish. This service is provided free of charge.

Second Language Teaching (DLS) Student Association

Association des étudiants en DLS / DLS Student Association


We are your student association!
We are your link to the Faculty, and are here to represent you in any concerns you may have.
Our website is kept up-to-date with all events, workshops and opportunities that are available to you as a DLS student!

Visit our English website

Visit our French website


This series of seven podcasts grounded in metacognitive and Second Language listening theory provides French Immersion students with strategies to enhance L2 listening ability and note-taking skills for academic learning lectures in French.

Podcast 01: Applying the strategies of good listeners
Podcast 02: Preparing for the lecture
Podcast 03: Monitoring and problem solving during and after the lecture
Podcast 04: Reviewing and Evaluating the Lecture
Podcast 05: Advice and good practices for note taking
Podcast 06: The Cornell note-taking system
Podcast 07: New technology for note-taking
Language Labs

OLBI has six language laboratories, all located on the 3rd floor of Simard Hall (SMD).



These are PC-based language labs that give teachers functionalities to create a range of different teaching exercises, and make classroom management and control easier. Students benefit from tools that help them focus on developing oral proficiency in the foreign language, and that also create stimulating classroom activities.

These are fully digital language teaching solutions, which provide students with durable user panels that are easy to operate. This affordable solution allows teachers to digitize analog content for convenient storage, retrieval and distribution.

Portail Francophile

At the launch on November 15, the Portail francophile unveiled its website and present its working team. We took the opportunity to show an original type of collaborative learning named "parrainage", with an in-class partnership between francophone and francophile students.

The Portail francophile website provides an easy access to all the resources available on campus to make learning in French a complete experience for anglophone students. These “francophiles” are growing in numbers at University of Ottawa, an institution famous for its academic excellence and bilingualism. The result of a fruitful collaboration between professor Alysse Weinberg, from ILOB, and professor Sylvie Perrier, from the History Department, Project Francophile aims to provide academic support to anglophone students taking courses in French. This project was supported by a grant from the “Fund for the Development of Initiatives on the Quality of Learning and the University Experience”, from the office of the Vice-President Academic.

Please click on the button below to access the Portail.

Portail francophile

Portail Francophile Videos
Étudiantes francophiles
La professeure d’encadrement linguistique
La professeure d’histoire
Linguistic Risk-Taking Initiative

Please visit the website of the Linguistic Risk-Taking Initiative launched by the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI). This initiative will help you discover new and creative ways of using the University of Ottawa’s unique bilingual campus as a resource in your language-learning journey. 

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